VMA Studio graphics

VMA Fitness wanted to inject some energy and personality onto the walls of their studio in the heart of Crowborough high street.

Brand development, Interior and exterior graphics, Print design.

I took their existing logomark and simplified the colours so that we could use them on the white walls. Using the shapes and glyphs within their brand font as graphical devices we were expanding the brand identity and creating a toolbox of elements that we could use in future applications.

VMA Fitness project sketches
VMA Fitness Strong wall

Budget and location constraints meant that large areas of colour weren’t practical. So we came up with the framing device to hold quotes, and used the existing architectural features of the walls to help hold graphics.

VMA Fitness class list

VMA Fitness external graphics

This concept was then developed further as we created window decals for the outside space to signpost and encourage passers-by to find out more about the VMA offering.

VMA Fitness promotional leaflet

The design system has also been applied to a promotional leaflet.

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